Monday, October 22, 2012

Las Vegas

We took a trip to Vegas this weekend to celebrate my big brothers 10th wedding anniversary.
We could only stay up there one night but one night away child free is just so refreshing and rejuvenating.
We car pooled up with my brother and best friend and I must say I think we laughed the most during the car rides.
They had a super fun Elvis renewal of their vows and I actually ended up crying. Their love for each other just gets to me. It's just so pure and sweet.
We went out to dinner afterwards then changed and hit the town. Some harder then others.
 My big brother Donny holds very special place in my heart. He's on the quieter side but once he's relaxed and had just a couple he turns into the most talkative/huggiest version of himself. And we have a blast together.
Congrats Donny and Vanessa on 10 years! Love you guys!