Monday, September 12, 2011

Suprise date night

Mr. Bubeck surprised me Sat night with a date.
We had talked earlier in the day about going to the cheesecake factory cause I had a gift card.
And then to stop by his parents house to catch up.
Well after a very long day I was beat and suggested ordering pizza and he kind of pushed going out.
I have to admit I was annoyed! I just wanted to stay in. I was being a brat!
But he was being sweet as could be.
While we were on our way I asked if his parents were meeting us there or if we were just gonna hang out with them after. He told me after.
Then we got off the freeway at their exit I was confused.
I said I thought it was after? And then he told me how he arranged for them to watch the kids so we could enjoy dinner alone.
Ahhhhh (sigh of relief) just what I need some alone quiet time with my love.
Then I was like shoot the kids didn't eat and he told me Grandma already has their dinner ready.
My kids are so blessed to have such great grandparents on both sides.
And sure enough we pulled up and Grandma was all ready for them with Mac n cheese, broccoli, strawberries and bananas. And of course JUICE! My kids were overjoyed and so was I.

We headed out on our date.
There was about a 30 min wait at the restaurant but it was kind of nice to just be able to talk and relax without chasing kids all around. We hugged, we kissed, we cuddled, it was so nice.
Dinner was delish! Our convo flowed. It reminded me of old times. Fun times.
I love my Mr. Bubeck he puts up with my brattiness and still spoils me with love.

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