Thursday, January 24, 2013

Debacle EXPO

If you know me a little you might know that I like to plan. I like to have an idea of how things will go down. And I like things to follow that plan as much as possible.
Well I had an idea of how Sat. before the Tinkerbell Half Marathon would happen. I'd go into work make hundreds of dollars in a couple hours (Just kidding, but that'd be nice) leave to meet Dustin around noon to drop off our babies at the Grandparents and be on our way to the EXPO to pick up all the bibs for me, Sarah, and April.
I wanted to enjoy the Expo and take lots of pictures. Then I wanted to maybe enjoy a movie with my love or grab a margarita and stroll Downtown Disney. Sounds delightful right?
Well unfortunately the Grandparents weren't gonna be home until 2:30! Oops probably should have asked them that before I planned by day.
But it's ok I'd stay at work a little longer and then by that time Sarah and her husband Nick could meet us down there so we could check into the hotel. And then enjoy the Expo together. I was still super excited.
I unfortunately got out of work a little late so I don't think we even left until 3:00pm. I expo only was going on until 5. But I wasn't worried it should only take us my 45 minutes to get there.
I was WRONG! MAD HATTER CRAZY traffic is what we hit. It was taking FOREVER to move an inch. The time started ticking away. I was getting anxious! I was texting Sarah who was also stuck in traffic and also having a panic attack. Our plan quickly changed from meeting at the hotel to going straight there to the EXPO. You see if you didn't pick up your bib number before 5. It was a done deal, you didn't race! No exceptions, no refunds. AHHHH!
Dustin pulled in front of the EXPO where Sarah was pacing back and forth! I jumped out and unzipped the suitcase to get all the forms we needed to get our bibs. I couldn't find them so Dustin jumped out and started throwing everything out of the suitcase! I by that time was freaking out!!! I had left EVERYTHING out for Dustin to just throw in the suitcase when he packed his stuff. Unfortunately he set the papers aside to put on top of the clothes but they never made it in.
Sarah and I just ran into the Expo and prayed a miracle would happen, I wasn't to worried about us getting our stuff cause we were there in person to sign and show our id's but April was in Arizona!
Luckily they had a printing station you could print the waivers! So yes I printed hers and signed it for her. 10 mins left until the Expo was over. We ran over and then they asked for Aprils ID! OMG but then I remembered she emailed it to me! I opened up my email on my phone but then remembered I deleted it after I printed it! I was about ready to cry, but I found it in the trash and showed the lady and again signed some stuff as April.
They then announced 5 mins left and we took our bibs and RAN up to the top level to get our shirts and goodie bags we made it! BARELY
After that madness we were all starving so we made our way down to downtown Disney. We needed to carbo load. We walked ALL the way down it to only realize that every restaurant was a crazy wait time. So we decided to go check into our hotel and go find an Olive Garden so we could eat lots and lots of bread and pasta.
We headed off to where the Olive Garden was supposed to be and found a ginormous mall! We drove all around it and finally asked someone and they told us it was in between Nordstroms and Macy's! So we parked of course on the opposite side of the mall and began to walk to OG. We finally found it! And walked in only find a million people in line waiting. One lady was a sleep on a step. So we left and finally found a California pizza kitchen. By the time we finally got to eat it had been 3 hours since we started our journey for food. And a couple miles in walking.
Not what I had planned but filled with so many memories and lots and lots of laughs! I'm thankful our husbands put up with our anxiety attacks and lack of organization. Dustin was so patient and loving the whole trip. I am a blessed women. 

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