Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Well......many of you have been asking me how my 60 day Shred it challenge is going.
Today would be day 60!
Except it's not, it's day 2 :(
I was doing fairly well I think 8 days straight and then bam! No motivation, no energy, no desire to get fit! I would do a day here a day there. Nothing special. I decided I needed to stop and refocus then when I new I was good and ready and determined start my challenge AGAIN!

My original goal is pretty much the same, but I am going to give myself weekends (or any 2 days) off per week. I might take those days. I might not!

So sadly due to my 2 month flop, I've actually gained weight. I'm now 134 pounds. I am determined to....
get my abs flat
arms defined
endurance up
weight down
posture improved

Wish me luck as I take on this goal once more!

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