Friday, July 15, 2011


I fell off the blogging horse. Mostly because Blake got CROUP a couple weeks ago. This is a re-cap of the horrible experience....

Thur night around 1030pm Blake walks out of his room crying and saying his mouth hurt. I just assumed he had a sore throat. I comforted him and tucked him back in. At about midnight I was finally getting into bed and I hear him let out a huge cry that sounds terrified and starts to cough. We meet in the hall wall and he is coughing a cough that sounds like a barking seal! 
The cough wasn't what scared me it was that he would cough then gasp for air. Then start wheezing.
He wanted to be in my bed so I had him lay on me so I could listen to him breath.
He'd fall asleep for a bit then wake up with the same rotation of cough, gasp, wheeze, back to sleep.
I know I know! You're probably thinking why on earth didn't you take him to the ER!!!!

Well I didn't really sleep that night. I got up twice put my contacts in got dressed and ready to go then would think "wait who am I gonna call at 3am to watch Bella?"
Plus I knew that cough. My niece has had croup for years. But what I didnt' know was about the problems breathing. So I went back in forth going or not going.

I decided to wait until the morning unless he got really bad. (Don't judge me)

That morning he had such a sad lil rasp to his voice and started to fever. I called my sister Laurie who has 3 kids and is my go-to for mommy questions. She told me all about croup and what I could do next time. But still encouraged me to take him in just in case there's more.

So off Blakey and me went while Bells got to play at Grandmas.
The moment the Dr. heard him she knew it was Croup. But she did a thorough exam and gave me pretty much all the same tips my sister did. But also prescribed an inhaler (liquid form)

I was looking forward to sleep that night since I got none the night before. But he had another horrible night, which consisted of a 103 fever. And me trying all the tricks (walking outside, steam shower, humidifier) all night long. I think I walked around our front yard for a total of like 2 hours caring our 34lbs lil boy around. It was a great work out at 2am.

But as the nights went on he got better and better. And I am thankful to have the experience behind us. And am glad to know what to do next time, so it won't be as terrifying.

I love my Blake

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  1. Happy that health has been restored in the Bubeck home! Now you can come out and play again! Yay.