Sunday, July 17, 2011

$100 3 stores

Were on a tight budget this week!!!!!

And of course I need diapers, toilet paper, grocery's, and several other things.

My husband gives me a $100 and sends me on my way.

I had to go to Target, Rite aid, and Staters.

I was slightly nervous this $100 wasn't going to stretch for what was on my list but I had my trusty coupons and my list. Hopefully goes well..

I started off and Target and they actually had everything on my list! SHOCKING!!!!

I get in line and start double checking my coupons, a man starts to get in line behind me. As a courtesy in case someones in a hurry I always like to warn them that I have coupons. (Last thing you want is someone pissed off behind you!)
Well when the lady in front of me hears me say this she says "Oh you're one of those people" with a very nasty look on her face.

I reply with a smile
"You mean the kind that's gonna save $40 on items I need? YUP that's me!"

She smirks and says $40? I just ignore her.

The man behind me is joined but what I assume is his wife and excitedly tells her ..
"she has coupons and says she's gonna save $40!!!!"

Now I'm nervous what if I messed up!!!

The lady in front of me is done and decided to hang out by the register.. I guess to make sure I really save $40 and if not to rub it in my face. IDK

Well I had a fabulous checker and all my coupons worked just fine and yes I saved $40.47 and only spent $36!!

I wish I woulda took a picture of everything I got but it did include a pair of Jeans for myself, 6 twelve packs of poptarts (great deal) a water filter, and home defense and much more! So I was excited about how good i did.
And so was the man and wife behind me.
The checker said "good job you saved $40.47 and the rude lady rolled her eyes and walked away.

When I told my good friend Sarah this story she told me I shoulda said
"In your face Sucka"
LOL!!! I actually didn't say anything just smiled.

Next up was Rite aid and I must say I love love love my Rite aid. They are so coupon friendly and know me by name. Anyways did great there 2 packs of pampers, pack of baby wipes, and 12 Charmin all for $5.94!
Gotta love coupons!!!!

Now the trickier store Staters. Not to many good deals. But with the help of my hubby we looked through what we already had a home and realized we had more food than we thought and only needed a few items to complete the meals.

I walked outta there with a weeks with a food for me and the kids and a weeks worth of food for Dustin in Blythe. And had $8 to spare outta my $100 so I bought myself a venti iced coffee from the man for $3.

I was very proud and so was my husband!

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