Friday, July 22, 2011

Quote of the Day

We were driving to the grocery store today when my sweet little Blakey says

"Bella say, Jesus I love you!"

so Bella in her sweet lil voice

"Jesus, tooo!" (Which means I love you too)

Then they both said amen.

No prompting, no asking, they didn't get anything. Just a sweet simply prayer to say I love you.
It simply melted my heart


It's Friday again already.
And I for one am so thankful the weekend is here and my love will me home.

I took the kiddos to the beach for the first time this year on Tuesday. We met my mom, sister, Bff, and lots of my nieces and nephews down there for a day of fun, sand, and waves!
It was such a blessed day.
Me and the kids prayed and asked for safety, favor (for parking), and fun.
And I must say the Lord never fails to deliver. It was such a teachable moment when we pulled down the street and found not 1 but 2 spots!!!! We parked and then thanked the Lord.

Those of course aren't a flashback but I wanted to share some cause they are just to cute! haha so now onto the flashback.....

Blake and Daddy at watching the waves

Mother's Day 2009 at the Beach (my FIRST mothers day)

Bella's 1st beach trip in belly. I was 5 months prego here

Blake was laughing here it looks like he's crying but it was a really big laugh.

That was such a fun family beach day also. As you can see from the pics it wasn't the sunniest but we made the most of it and had a great day. Blake has always been fearless when it comes to the beach. He just runs right in. That day he tried to crawl right in. haha

The next summer when Bella was born my camera took a spill the the wet sand and I didn't get a new one until summer was pretty much over so sadly I don't have any pictures really of her at the beach. So sad.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Embrace the Camera

I am starting a new Thursday tradition called

You can get all the info to do it yourself (which I encourage you to do) from the link above.

I decided to go ahead and do this because a dear friend of mine started it awhile ago and I went to the blog and simply fell in love with such a fabulous idea.

So here goes my first Thursday of many (hopefully) Embracing the camera.

This picture really needs no explanation. I mean come on you know were we are!

It was actually our last trip with our season passes. So sad but over all a fabulous day minus the heat and CROWDS!!!!

But the kids like usually listened so well there and we had a great day. We used the passes like crazy and for some reason I only have 2 pictures in front of the castle.
So I was thankful to see a cast member working and asked her to snap this one.
And I'm glad I did! Great memories!

Quote of the day (JUMP)

My Dear sweet Blake made me laugh pretty hard today.
I was in his bathroom cleaning it (fun stuff right?)
When he stands on his stool to what I assume is go pee-pee and nope he says

"Mom, I wanna jump in the toilet!"

WHAT! You wanna jump in the toilet?

Yes I wanna jump in the toilet. It will be fun!

Haha no I don't think so. Please don't ever do that.

Oh please please please..


Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday's are hard

Monday's are HARD!

I was asked why?

Because I have a whole week without my love by my side.

The kids ask for daddy all day cause they got to see him all weekend.

They get sad when I say he's at work, cause they know they won't see him to them for what seems like an eternity.

Monday's are hard because Friday night seems so far away.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

$100 3 stores

Were on a tight budget this week!!!!!

And of course I need diapers, toilet paper, grocery's, and several other things.

My husband gives me a $100 and sends me on my way.

I had to go to Target, Rite aid, and Staters.

I was slightly nervous this $100 wasn't going to stretch for what was on my list but I had my trusty coupons and my list. Hopefully goes well..

I started off and Target and they actually had everything on my list! SHOCKING!!!!

I get in line and start double checking my coupons, a man starts to get in line behind me. As a courtesy in case someones in a hurry I always like to warn them that I have coupons. (Last thing you want is someone pissed off behind you!)
Well when the lady in front of me hears me say this she says "Oh you're one of those people" with a very nasty look on her face.

I reply with a smile
"You mean the kind that's gonna save $40 on items I need? YUP that's me!"

She smirks and says $40? I just ignore her.

The man behind me is joined but what I assume is his wife and excitedly tells her ..
"she has coupons and says she's gonna save $40!!!!"

Now I'm nervous what if I messed up!!!

The lady in front of me is done and decided to hang out by the register.. I guess to make sure I really save $40 and if not to rub it in my face. IDK

Well I had a fabulous checker and all my coupons worked just fine and yes I saved $40.47 and only spent $36!!

I wish I woulda took a picture of everything I got but it did include a pair of Jeans for myself, 6 twelve packs of poptarts (great deal) a water filter, and home defense and much more! So I was excited about how good i did.
And so was the man and wife behind me.
The checker said "good job you saved $40.47 and the rude lady rolled her eyes and walked away.

When I told my good friend Sarah this story she told me I shoulda said
"In your face Sucka"
LOL!!! I actually didn't say anything just smiled.

Next up was Rite aid and I must say I love love love my Rite aid. They are so coupon friendly and know me by name. Anyways did great there 2 packs of pampers, pack of baby wipes, and 12 Charmin all for $5.94!
Gotta love coupons!!!!

Now the trickier store Staters. Not to many good deals. But with the help of my hubby we looked through what we already had a home and realized we had more food than we thought and only needed a few items to complete the meals.

I walked outta there with a weeks with a food for me and the kids and a weeks worth of food for Dustin in Blythe. And had $8 to spare outta my $100 so I bought myself a venti iced coffee from the man for $3.

I was very proud and so was my husband!

Family Date

Yesterday was a good day.
A happy day
A family day!

After the kids woke up from their naps and we ate dinner,
we decided to take them mini golfing at Pharaohs.
We have passes so it was free!

They loved it.

And I loved watching them have so much fun with something so simple.

Blake was so cute cause he would try SO HARD to hit it in the whole.
And Bella would just kind of push her along the green and then pick it up and place it in the hole and cheer!

They both kept saying
"Watch me, watch me....Look mom look dad!
It was so cute.

After golfing we took them on the bumper boats which was also free with our passes. This was a new experience for all 4 of us.
Bella said she didn't wanna go on, I think because she hates to be splashed and these boats had water guns on them. But I thought oh she'll have fun and it's only a tiny sprinkle.

Boy was I wrong! We all got soaked! Bella cried the whole time as me and Dustin had just as much fun as the kids on the ride squirting each other.

Blake of course loved it too!
Dustin because of his height caught most of the spray and was indeed the wettest by the end

After that we went inside so the kids could jump on the inflatables and run off some more energy.
Dustin slightly hurt himself coming down with Blake though. (hahahaha)

All in all it was a fantastic and free evening with the 3 people I love most in this world

Donut Sunday

Sunday's are almost always Donut days.

The kids know it
I know it
Daddy knows it.

We usually stop by our local donut shop on the way to church but after many times of pulling into church and the kids being covered in icing or chocolate Dustin decided he'd go early and get the donuts and bring them back home.

Sadly today me and the kids woke up sick so we couldn't go, but that didn't stop daddy from going to get are usually Sunday morning breakfast.

Daddy asked each one of us what kind of donut we wanted...

Bella asked for "sprinkles"
Blake asked for chocolate 
 And mommy asked for a chocolate cake.

Sunday mornings are my favorite morning for many reason. 1 of them just happens to be donuts.

Friday, July 15, 2011


I fell off the blogging horse. Mostly because Blake got CROUP a couple weeks ago. This is a re-cap of the horrible experience....

Thur night around 1030pm Blake walks out of his room crying and saying his mouth hurt. I just assumed he had a sore throat. I comforted him and tucked him back in. At about midnight I was finally getting into bed and I hear him let out a huge cry that sounds terrified and starts to cough. We meet in the hall wall and he is coughing a cough that sounds like a barking seal! 
The cough wasn't what scared me it was that he would cough then gasp for air. Then start wheezing.
He wanted to be in my bed so I had him lay on me so I could listen to him breath.
He'd fall asleep for a bit then wake up with the same rotation of cough, gasp, wheeze, back to sleep.
I know I know! You're probably thinking why on earth didn't you take him to the ER!!!!

Well I didn't really sleep that night. I got up twice put my contacts in got dressed and ready to go then would think "wait who am I gonna call at 3am to watch Bella?"
Plus I knew that cough. My niece has had croup for years. But what I didnt' know was about the problems breathing. So I went back in forth going or not going.

I decided to wait until the morning unless he got really bad. (Don't judge me)

That morning he had such a sad lil rasp to his voice and started to fever. I called my sister Laurie who has 3 kids and is my go-to for mommy questions. She told me all about croup and what I could do next time. But still encouraged me to take him in just in case there's more.

So off Blakey and me went while Bells got to play at Grandmas.
The moment the Dr. heard him she knew it was Croup. But she did a thorough exam and gave me pretty much all the same tips my sister did. But also prescribed an inhaler (liquid form)

I was looking forward to sleep that night since I got none the night before. But he had another horrible night, which consisted of a 103 fever. And me trying all the tricks (walking outside, steam shower, humidifier) all night long. I think I walked around our front yard for a total of like 2 hours caring our 34lbs lil boy around. It was a great work out at 2am.

But as the nights went on he got better and better. And I am thankful to have the experience behind us. And am glad to know what to do next time, so it won't be as terrifying.

I love my Blake


I follow lots of my friends blogs. Just this year it became the new thing to do. haha
I never realized my friends could write so well.
Anyways my dear friend started a Flashback Friday blog last week. And I instantly had to steal the idea!

So I thought I'd start with last July

Bella looks so tiny! She was only 9 months!
That seems like a lifetime ago and it was only a year ago.

Blake was 2 and 2 months and my silly lil boy

He loved and still does love to make the silliest faces.
He still had his baby boy haircut!
And Dustin still had his goatee.......

It's amazing how much can change in just 1 year.
My babies are so big now!
Blake is a tantrum throwing 3 year old
Bella is a sassy pants almost 2 year old!

Well thanks for taking this look back with me today.