Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Coupon Shopping Tip of the day!

This is probably not as insightful as you were hoping for BUT.......once you check out and pay, make sure to check your receipt BEFORE you leave the store!

I always go shopping with my babies Blake (2.9 years) and Bella (16 months). As many of you with kids now, this is a work out in itself. ESPECIALLY  the grocery store, with coupons!

They always get a cookie during the shopping trip to amuse then for what less than a minute! So by the time I am ready to check out they are climbing all over the place and trying to throw stuff outta the cart and put new stuff in the cart! And once I get to the checker their main goal is play with the atm machine thingy. So....as a couponer it's always recommend to watch the checker and make sure she has it all right. Well for me with my two that's just not possible. So I always count all the value of my coupons before hand so I know to look and make sure she scanned them all at the end. It's much easier for me. Example I give her $15 in coupons I look at the bottom of the receipt for "money saved with coupons....$15"

Ok so yesterday I did a HUGE Vons trip, 2 transactions and all. Anyways I checked my receipts but only for the coupons being taken off. Not that everything else was wrong up correctly!!!!!!
 They some how charged me for the wrong type of apples at $3.99lb of yeah right! I got the $.99 apples! And one of their promotions of buying 3 save $6 instantly didn't work. And of course I didn't realize this until after I got home and put ALL the groceries away. So I had to not only get the stuff back out that I need to take back but also load up my two kids and drag them back to the store kicking and screaming!

So please save yourself the trouble and your sanity and check your receipt before leaving the store. It would have saved me so much time and energy.

And yes I got all my $16 back no problem. My Vons has great customer service!

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  1. You are so good about going back to get things right, sometimes i just don't even correct it if I already made it home.