Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Finding our new normal

So Dustin has been working in Blythe for about 6 weeks now or more I've lost count. He stays in a hotel normally Monday through Friday. So we get to see him Friday night until Sunday night. It's been a HUGE adjustment for us all! Lots of tears and anger from the kids and from me. But I think with God's grace and help we are finally getting used to this new normal for us.

In the beginning the kids were very angry and were acting out by hitting each other and ME mostly. But the hits have almost ceased to exist and their attitudes have gotten much better too. And I think it's because my mood and attitude has gotten better. It's so amazing how kids just feed of your mood.

So I've learned to be a happy mommy for them! If I wake up sad or overwhelmed I PRAY and then PRAY again and force myself to be in a good mood or else the day is hell!

I've kept them busy and by doing lots of fun stuff like....

DISNEYLAND!!! On this trip we actually went with my sister's family and my parents. It was so much fun. We stayed ALL day and rode over 25 rides! It was such a fun filled day.

We've painted bird houses, which they loved! It was fun but boy was it messy messy.

I also started potty training Blake last week. So we did lots of potty coloring pages and the potty dance! He is doing GREAT. He normally has maybe one accident a day and it's ALWAYS pooh! But I made him a poop chart and every time he goes in the potty he will get a sticker and when the 6 spots are full I will take him to Disneyland. He has yet to get a sticker :( but he will get there I'm sure!

Yesterday we had our "Baby Prom" We dressed the babies all up in formal wear, had streamers, balloons, a sign made for pictures, snacks, juice, and dancing! It was so much fun and so adorable. My moms group is such a HUGE blessing to me. I'd be lost without those women and my days would drag without the play dates. So if you are in need of some fantastic fellowship with other moms look us up at

After the "prom" we went outside and ate lunch and played outside for 4 hours! It was a special treat for them because they got to skip naptime. I am normally for strict with naptime but they were being so good and having a blast so I just let them play. It was a good day. Today is Wednesday and I can't wait for Friday to be here so I can have my man home for 2 days. We miss him so much.

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