Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What a fantastic surprise

This week has been extremely hard for some reason. Monday was just not a good day for me emotionally. I snapped at my children, I snapped at my friends (sorry Mary), I snapped at my husband over the phone....I was just SNAPPY!

Thankfully yesterday was a better day for me. Woke up happier and had a good day with a great friend. And in the evening had a very relaxing and fun evening with my big brother.

But today I woke up feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders. It was an extremely busy morning with lots of friends popping in and out. Which was completely fine. In no way am I complaining about it. I loved the company and conversation but was just tired and feeling stressed.

Because of all the business of the morning my kids went down almost 2 hours later for naptime. But once I got them down I enjoyed this delicious browning that a great friend brought me and a cherry Coke. It's amazing what chocolate and coke can do for a mood.

Anyways I was relaxing watching one of my smut shows (Real world, Las Vegas) When much to my surprise walks in my husband!!!!!

I was so excited and in shock because I didn't think I'd get to see him until Friday night. So it just made my whole day, attitude, mind set, etc. better! It felt like that weight on my shoulders magically disappeared. It's amazing how much just his presence makes this family so much better. The kids were happier, mommy was happier, our evening was so enjoyable. It's just such a blessing to be together. A blessing I took for granted ALL the time. I mean why would I ever think that's a blessing? When would there be a time us as a family wouldn't be together every night? Well that time is now and I LOVE and cherish the together family time we do get now.

So since the kiddos went down for their naps so late it was so nice cause Dustin and I got some much needed alone time to just talk and cuddle. Then we got to attend Bible study together. At Bible study I couldn't stop staring at him, almost like I couldn't believe he was actually there.

Blake and Bella were so excited to see him too. Bella just kept saying "dada" over and over and over again. We went to dinner after study and both kids wanted to sit by him, Bella eventually just sat on him. haha! They love and miss their daddy so much.

But lucky for us this week is a double blessing because Dustin gets to work locally tomorrow so he'll be home again tomorrow night! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm gonna steal him away for a lil dinner date. I feel a little guilty because I know the kids miss him as much if not more than I do but mama really needs a DATE NIGHT!

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  1. So happy for you, friend, I know this is much needed for you and your kiddos, enjoy your night out :)