Thursday, March 1, 2012

60 Days

60 Day Challenge!

This is my own idea and challenge for myself.

I decided I wanted to do this at the beginning of the year. Work out straight for 60 days and track the results. See here

I waiting until today. March 1st because I referee high school soccer and doing anywhere from 2-4 games a week plus this would have been to much for this mama.

So here I am Day 1.

129.2 pounds.

I am actually quite pleased with the # just not the way I really look caring that #
So my goal is to tone everything up nice and tight.
Get stronger
Get thinner
Get more more endurance.
My husband loves me and supports me. Thinks I look great but also encourages me to be the best me I can be.

Here are all my stats for Day 1.

Weight 129.2 pounds
Waist 35"
Hips 38 3/4"
Stomach 33 1/4"
Thigh 22"
Chest 35"
Bicep 10 1/2"

This is me after 2 kids not bad, but know I can be better. So off I go for 59 more days.
Either of Shred it, Shred it weights, Yoga, Pilate's, running, or maybe Zumba!
Wish me luck and don't judge my pics. hahah

It's also Thur which means I'm Embracing the camera!
You should too!!

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