Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My first half marathon

I did it! I ran my first half marathon.
13.1 miles!
The morning came quickly, I didn't sleep much. I got up at 3:09am and started to get ready!
I was a little surprised how excited I was. But I seriously couldn't wait to get out the door and to the starting line.
Sarah (my running buddy), April (my big sister) and I all had different corrals assignments. So we wanted to stay together so we went into Aprils corral E. It would be the last corral to go!
We had a long wait before it was our turn to go! And it was cold but I was so ready!
Finally we got to the starting line
And we were off and on a good pace. It felt so good. It was so fun! We ran the first couple miles under 10 min miles. I knew all the training had paid off and maybe just maybe we'd met my goal of 2:30!
We ran through CA. Adventure and thought it was so awesome that they had all the rides lights on and a lot of the rides going!
Then it was off across the way to Disneyland. I was SO EXCITED! I knew the moment I had been waiting for was coming soon. To run through the castle! Why I was so excited for that short little moment I wasn't sure but either way it was my highlight.
It came and the girls let me stop for like 30 seconds to take a couple quick pics

My phone sucks but I'll take the pics anyways!
I put my hands up as I ran through and it really was just something magical for me.
We were approaching mile six and running through downtown Disney when the discomfort started.
My tailbone and my IT band on my right leg were starting to bother me. And then I remember my Motrin sitting at the hotel that I had forgotten to take!!
Yes of all days that's the day I forget to take it!
But I thought it's not to bad I can run on this I'm almost half way done anyways!
We took a quick potty break and stopped by the medical station for some bio freeze for my leg and body glide because I was chaffing. I didn't see the Motrin they had or else of course I would have taken it!
The second half of the marathon was pretty much a disaster.
My I.T. Band kept getting tighter and tighter and my tailbone was sending spasms up my back!
But I had set a goal to run the whole race and by gosh that's what I was gonna do.
Unfortunately the pain was getting intense. So much that with every step of my right leg I was wincing.
My sister April and Sarah were ahead of me and I was trying with all my might to keep up with them but no matter how hard I pushed my body wouldn't go any faster.
They'd turn around and look at me and all I could do was smile trying to reassure them I wouldn't give up.
We hit Mile 9 and my emotions started to get the better of me. I was so disappointed in how this was turning out. We were running about a 15/16 min pace by that point.
I was running and little old ladys were walking past me!
I had trained for so long and for so hard and I was angry!
I so wanted April and Sarah to just go on with out me. I knew they could still get in under 3 hours.
But neither one would leave me behind. They'd slow down for me, walk next to me, ask me if I was ok, encourage me to take breaks if I needed them. I could tell they were disappointed too and that was hard for me. To be the one hindering others from doing great.
I could see mile 10 when tears started to come. I was in so much pain. And then I saw it a medical stand. I got some more bio freeze and some Motrin. Walked for a second and then we were off again.
I had decided I was gonna finish this thing as strong as I could.
The Motrin kicked in by the time we reached mile 11 and by no means took away the pain but took the edge off the spasms and sharp pain.
We were back inside/behind CA adventure and had to run down a steep hill. IT HURT! I thought it would feel good but it sucked so we had to walk down most of it. Then Sarah looked at me and I said lets run and she asked if I was sure and I yelled "I'm finishing this damn thing! I'm running!" She then yelled "Let's do this! We're AMAZING!" We had a good laugh and kept on running. Then once we ran up the steep hill Sarah pointed this girl out to me

Yes she has a broken leg or foot whatever and is running! Not only running but ahead of me and I couldn't catch her.
Sarah then looked at me and told me in a very loving way to suck it up!
She was right no more feeling sorry for myself. We were so close to the finish line.
We turned the corner to mile 13 and that's when I saw my hubby with our camera!
I was so excited to see him. And he had the biggest smile on his face and looked so proud of me. I choked back my tears and got super excited!

This was right at mile marker 13. We only had .1 to go....
I had joked with Sarah that at that point I'd be sprinting to win haha. Well I tried and didn't go any faster. We had a good laugh!
And as I crossed that finish line I was flooded with so many emotions!
I was so beyond excited to be DONE! So proud to say that I had done it! I RAN an entire half marathon. But I was still overcome with so much disappointment at our time 3:17 and the way the second half of the race went down. At that moment I wasn't sure I'd wanna ever do this again.
We got our medals!
We were exhausted!
 But still so excited! We had done it! TOGETHER! We were team AMAZING!
I was so happy and blessed to be able to share this experience with my sister. She was so supportive and encouraging the whole race. She sang and danced and never left me to far behind.
 I was glad I got to share this with such an awesome and supportive friend. She made me laugh when I wanted to cry and never made me feel bad for sucking! But gave me a good yelling at to encourage me when I needed it. Like I said above I wasn't sure if I'd ever wanna do this again but after talking to her the next day we're gonna kill the next half we do together in June! Go team AMAZING
Me and my baby! Let me just spend a minute here to tell you how amazing he was. He put up with my panic attack the day before at the expo (that's another story), he never once got frustrated or irritable as many events didn't go as planned and took forever just to EAT DINNER!
He told me he was proud of me! He woke up early and had to walk pretty far to take pictures of me at the finish line. He never once complained about a thing. He packed up our entire room cause I couldn't move after. And he let me sleep the whole way home. He is my AMAZING and supportive husband. I love you Dustin
I can't wait for my next half. And to kill my time by at least a half hour!

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