Friday, August 12, 2011

Quote of the day that has gone on all week!

SOOOOOOOO my kids have a new favorite show!
It's actually a super cute show that teaches them tons about letters and spelling.

Anyways so the main character Super Why has a cape as you can see from the pic above.
So after the kids baths the other night they both had their hooded towels one and Blake started running around and came up to me SO excited and said....
"I'm Super Why and have super powers"

Then Bella without skipping a beat comes running up and says...
"I'm a PIG!"

LOL right?
I mean between this and her "I'm poop" comment. I can't help but think aim a little higher. haha

I mean there are two cute girls on the show and she chooses the pig and thinks it's just as cool as the super hero. Gotta love her.

And every since that day earlier this week. They both running around saying they are Super Why and A PIG!

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