Monday, August 1, 2011

Quote of the Day (A weeks worth)

Blake has this stethoscope toy....
He puts it on and says
"MOM! I'm a dr."
Bella then says just as excited.
"Mom, I'm poop!"
Lol well reach for the stars kids. hahaha

It's not a secret that I LOVE my coffee. Well it had been a very long day of taking of taking care of 10 kids. (long story) anyways my kids were just as tired as I was and Blake comes up to me and says...
 "I want coffee"
Me: What?
And no I do not give my kids coffee.

I took just Blake with me to run into Staples. I grabbed a basket and he thought those were cool so asked for one to. Sure why not. We walked down the aisle with the phones and answering machines. He stops and tells me....
"You go get your stuff, I look at these"

My Best Friend took my babies for a couple hours so I could take a nap and rest. AMAZING right? So I picked the kids up at naptime and on the way home Blake asked me where Baylee (his BFF) went. I told him he's at his house and he's gonna take a nap just like you are. Blake responds.

"No, no, no (almost singing) I take no nap. I go to Disneyland!"

Early that day I told Blake we needed to get ready cause we were going to Aunt Leah's house (BFF) and he said...
"Yay I go to Aunt Leah's house you go do something else"

haha ok I will.

If Blake wakes up a lil earlier than I wish too I normally get him his milk and put on the cartoons then lay back down for a bit. So I did that Sunday morning and after maybe 30 mins he comes back in my room and gently whispers....
"Mom I want pancakes!"
Haha he must have seen something on tv cause we haven't had pancakes in forever.

As I am writing all of this Bella just shouts out....

"Look mama, I paint toes!"
And I turn around to find her finger and toenails pretty highlighter pink.
Glad it's washable! But she's so proud I'm gonna leave it for the day.

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