Monday, February 6, 2012


My Mr. and I went to our Churches marriage seminar and were given a challenge to each write a little love haiku about each other. The winner of the little contest would win a date night basket.

We had a week to each write one and send it in.

I had never even heard of a Haiku let alone tried to write one. So the first couple days I just tossed around a couple idea's. Then I buckled down and no lie spent two hours writing 1 little Haiku!

I texted my Mr. to see if he had written one yet and he responded not yet but I will. Like 10 mins later he sent me the sweetest haiku!

I loved it. But was annoyed he could write it in 10 mins after I spent 2 hours. So I just came to the conclusion that can some can write and some can't. And well I can't! hahah

But here are our little love haiku's for each other.

Morning Beautiful
Your kisses will be so sweet
a beautiful Dream

In your arms I'm safe
Peace and Rest I will embrace
You're my happy place

They are not the best and we didn't win but I am proud of them and think they are so sweet and say a lot about were we are right now in our marriage and current situation.

Love you Mr. Bubeck

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