Monday, May 7, 2012

WEEK 1 down, 3 to go

Week 1 is done and over with and I can happily report I've lost
1 pound! Whoop Whoop!

So here is my week in review.

I did great with my checklist!
Every day I met all my goals and only cheated one time. And that was on Sat. after the kids got amazing goodie bags from their friend Emmy's bday party. I tried all night and finally rewarded myself with a funsize snickers.
Although it tasted fabulous I have to admit I wish I hadn't eaten it. But hey I'm human and weak sometimes. But other than that lil mistake all has been going well.

I'm drinking water like it's my job

This is my little water bottle that now goes everywhere with me. I drink at least 3 of these a day. Which is 9 cups!

At the start of this I gave myself 2 days grace each week to not do the shred. Well I worked out 6 days for this first week and also ran 2.75 miles on sat.
I did decide to take Sunday off, mostly because my wonderful hubby let me sleep in until 830! Well I actually woke up at 8 but sheesh I stayed in bed an extra half hour enjoying the silence and feeling of not having to get anyone anything.
After I finally rolled outta bed he made sure the kids were all ready to go to church and he brought me a cup of coffee and kept the kids outta the room so I could get ready in peace. It was amazing!
I think he forgot I was trying to lose weight cause he surprised me by stopping for donuts! So I got a maple bar and ate half :) I really wanted a chocolate one but didn't wanna cheat again.

So today was Day 7 (since I took Sunday off) and both the kids worked out with me today. They have been alternating working out with me.
Both have interesting choices for work out attire.
Blake one day wore his roller skates!

But they are both so adorable and encouraging and inspiring I mean if Bella can do it in heals than come on mama!
I was originally gonna wait until day 10 to bump up to level 2 but I think I'm ready tomorrow

I'm not gasping for air anymore on level 1! hahah

So cheers my water bottle to another week of SHRED!

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