Thursday, November 1, 2012

Months Mission

I like challenges.
I like lists!
I like to see something written down and be able to knock it outta the park and then cross it off!
I shared with some friends the other night that many days I start my to-do lists with things I've already done so I can cross them off.
Yes I'm that crazy!
But it works for me so I go with it.
So I new month brings so much possibility! So I thought I'd get myself back on track with many areas of my life and make a list for the month.
So if I blog about it I figure I'll have more accountability to get it done!
Plus it might help me actually blog.
So here goes my mission for the month!
1. THE LOVE DARE! To actually do this for my husband. I hope to not just complete each dare but give everything I have into it and pray for him daily.
2. To run a total of 54 miles this month! No more taking days off! Race day will be here before I know it!!
3. No Fast food for me or the kids! We have gotten into a bad habit of eating almost daily again.
4. Make my bed every day! I know this might sound silly but I NEVER do it and it just makes your room look so much more inviting at the end of the day.
5. Watch less tv and spend more time alone with the hubbs. My goal is to only watch 1 show a night! I have way to many shows recorded!
6. While Blake's at school to do something special with Bella. Read, craft, play, etc.
7. BLOG!
8. Get back into couponing more regularly
9. Drink less caffeine!
10. Start doing devotionals with the kids daily!
Wish me luck! I pray and hope I can take this list and really apply it to my life this month and then have it become a way of life for me!

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