Monday, November 5, 2012

Galaxy Game

Last Thursday my wonderful husband bought me and my sister tickets to the LA galaxy playoff game!
This was our first pro soccer game we got to attend.
Excited was an understatement!
We got great parking thanks to Laurie's "abilities"

We got great seats cause I overheard them upgrade the lady in front of us so of course me and my big mouth were like "um you're not gonna upgrade us too???" So they did!
We even got a personal escort into the players elevator thanks to Laurie and her awesome cane and gimp. We even got a glimpse into the locker room!
The game was super exciting and the experience was epic! I couldn't have more fun with anyone other then my sister.
We laughed almost the whole time, especially when some man in front of us was freezing to death! Poor guy.
We ate a lot! Carls jr, then some bomb nachos!
And we cheered our hearts out for our boys!!
Especially when a certain player with an extraordinary last name (Magee) scored the first goal.
The entire stadium was chanting "MAGEE" I looked over at Laurie and she had the biggest smile and said "every ones cheering my name"
I think Laurie is now his biggest fan!
All in all it was a fabulous game and memory I will cherish a lifetime. Oh and of course Galaxy won 2-1!!
Did I mention we got free hats too!!

I adore her!
BECKHAM #23 <3

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