Tuesday, June 5, 2012

My Mr. Bubeck

My husband is A M A Z I N G

I am taking this opportunity to gush all about my man.

I started my new weekend job 3 weeks ago and have to admit I was a little worried that I'd come home to a destroyed house and have to cook dinner and just try to play catch up.
In fact one fellow mom told me my husband wouldn't last because he'd hate it and then I'd hate it because I'd still have to do everything for the house!

Well let me tell you......HE HAS BLOWN ME AWAY!
Every night that I work I come home to a spotless house (in fact I think it's cleaner than it's ever been) and dinner on the table!
Mind you he has a full time job as well and weekends are supposed to be his day to rest and sleep in but instead he's up and making me breakfast and coffee and sending me off to work with a smile on his face.
He is a fantastic father. And after a year in Blythe not being with his kids daily I think they all 3 needed this time to themselves each weekend.

I was worried not having a day off together, but each evening we make an effort to spend quality (not quantity) time together. And to try and do a date night each week. Which has been so nice.

I feel so blessed to be married to this man.
He knows me needs before I realize them myself.
He lets me be crazy sometimes and doesn't punish me for it.
He forgives me
He cooks for me
He cleans for me
He spoils me
He calms me
He prays for me
He makes me laugh
He makes me feel beautiful
He works hard for me and his children

I mean the list is endless. I love this man!

We have been through so much in the 8 and 1/2 years we've been married.
Last year was hard. Probably the hardest year of my life. But God brought us out of that season in our lives and brought us closer to Him and together as a couple. So in hindsight I am thankful for that storm.

My Mr. Bubeck,
My words seem to fall flat when I try to express my hearts feelings for you.
but I want you to know
I am yours and only yours
You captured my heart so many years ago and have kept it safe and loved ever since.
I am excited to continue our journey hand and hand together as we trust our Lord with our lives and continue to follow His path for us.
Thank you for being our families spiritual leader.
Thank you for loving me.
I am BLESSED to be Mrs. Bubeck

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