Thursday, June 28, 2012

You know those days that are just pleasent and good?
Today was one of those.
Nothing extradinary or amazing.
Just an over all good day.

I woke up this morning and was emotional and tired.
I was fearful it was going to be a not fun day.
But a friend of mine agreed to go running with me!
So we got our FABULOUS babysitter and headed out for a 2.5 mile run!
Running with someone is sooooooooo much better then running alone.
Convo flows, and my mind doesn't even seem to notice the burn.
We are both doing the half marathon tinkerbell run in January so we are planning to train 3 days a week. Hopefully together at least two days!
I've been running for the past 3 weeks, but this was Sarah's first run back since Januarty.
So 2.5 was amazing!

I always feel so much happier after a workout! I love that.
We then took our 4 kiddo's and sitter to lunch. WABA GRILL! YUM and Healthy :)

After all the fun me and the kids went home and they blessed me by taking an hour and half nap. Well Blake napped for sure, I'm not positive if Bella did but either way she stayed quiet in her room so that's all I ask.

I was so thrilled with the time of peace and quiet I rewarded them after nap time with fudgecicles!!

And after that I broke into my stockpile and gave them each a bottle of shaving cream!

Needles to say they LOVED IT!
It was super cute and silly and messy and just plain fun!
I highly recommend it for all moms.

After that mess they wanted to wash the table so we changed into swimsuits, 
 got the slip n slide set up
got buckets and rages to clean the table.

I made an iced coffee and put my feet up!

That's what I call a perfect afternoon!

And now as I finish up this blog post my beautiful bff Leah invites us over for dinner! YIPPEE I also don't have to cook!!!!
I see God in all of this today.
All the joy!
All the blessings!
All the Love!

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