Friday, September 23, 2011


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Friday night we had our monthly Bunco night. The theme was socks! So I rocked my knee highs!

While mama was at Bunco daddy took the kids to toysrus and let them pick a toy. Bella of course picks another baby doll. She calls this one pink baby. And she hugs on her all day!

Sunday our niece Ashley had a dance party! My sister always puts together the greatest goodie bags for the kids. Always filled with lots of chocolate and one annoying toy. hahah!

Isn't it officially fall? Well not if you live in So Cal. It's still in the upper 90's here. So the slip n slide still gets plenty of use each day.

Well I think Blake is getting to the age were naps aren't gonna happen daily. Which then often keeps Bella awake too. Unless of course I have to go somewhere and they take a trip in the car. Then they both knock out!


AWANA's is every Wed. I finally got Blake his Cubbies vest. I was super excited about it. Cause it's ADORABLE. Well Blake wasn't excited about it. In fact it took a gum bribe to get him to put it on. But in the end I won right?

My BFF and I went to a bridal shower! We ate, drank, and got all dolled up. Good times!

Thermal batman shirt, and Capt. America in 90 degree weather running laps around Gramma's backyard! Sounds fun right. Well they loved it! Then went in the house and stripped off their shirts

This week’s InstaChallenge: What is something you really dislike?
I hate it.
It never ends
I can never be caught up
Always a hamper or basket full
Never enough hangers
Ugh I loath it.

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