Friday, September 30, 2011


Link up your sweet, silly and everyday moments using nothing but cell phone pics!

We got the kids Halloween costumes this week!

Minnie Mouse

Super Why

The kids got their first pony rides! I sadly missed most of the party cause I had to go to work. But I'm thankful for family who watched them so they could have fun!

For Awana's Blake heard a story about how God created everything and was asked to draw someone God created. He drew Daddy.

Blake helping me peel the paper off broken crayons, so we can melt them down into rainbow Minnie crayons for Bella's party

Yes Blake lives in his Super why costume. I have to sneak it into the washer every once in awhile.
So he wore it to the park and it was hilarious because all the kids were just following him around. Even this lil 1 year old just kept trying to touch his cape and just kept saying "super why" over and over and over! He was so excited! It was like that lil boys Christmas. hahah

Bella is getting so brave. She wants to do whatever Blake does but then she'll turn look at me and say
"I'm scared! Help me"
It's so sweet. That's exactly what she just said in this pic.

This weeks challenge was to take a pic of DIY project so here our my home made Mickey and Minnie party hats.

Now it's your turn to join in on the fun and link up!

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