Sunday, February 27, 2011

Before Disneyland!

We decided last night to take the kids to Disneyland today! YAY! They have had some lingering coughs so they can't go into their classes at Church. But Daddy had to work in Sunday school so I stayed home with them this morning and we waited patiently.

Well about 30 minutes before I knew daddy would be getting home I told them we were gonna go to Disneyland and Blake got so excited and super hyper and anxious to go. I started to pack our bags and was sorting some laundry when Blake comes running up to me that his show "Dino Dan" (ugh, this show is so dumb) is broken. WHAT? I can still hear it playing so I'm confused I go into the living room to find our brand new $600 tv not playing any picture just sound.....? So I ask Blake what happened and he tells me "I broke it, I hit it with ball" and he hands me the ball. It's like a baby toy ball with like a rattle in it. Super light so I just thought maybe got turned off, I don't know! Anyways so he got a 2 minute time out for throwing balls at the tv and we went on waiting for daddy.
Well Daddy got home and I tell him like it's no big deal, boy was I wrong. He walks in and starts looking at the tv and well Blake cracked the screen of or less than 2 week old plasma 50" tv. My heart sank. Not only because that's ALOT of money down the drain but because we were supposed to have a fun family day and I feared it was ruined.

But Dustin was a champ, of course I could tell he was so frustrated but he loaded the kids up and off we went to Disneyland and had a great day. I'm praying some how or someway little boys throwing plastic balls is covered under warranty.

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