Sunday, February 27, 2011

Let the blogging begin.

Well I was at Bible study last Wed. with the most fabulous, uplifting, encouraging women and one of them mentioned her blog and I said something like wow everyone blogs and she said something like you should do it! I think you'd be good at it. So here I am! Let the blogging begin.

So I was told blogging is basically online scrap booking. So I'd thought I'd tell you about my morning! Blake actually stayed in bed until 8am which for this week is a record! He did come into my room and ask me to "get up, honey? Watch bubble guppies? poptart?' This is pretty much what I hear every morning. And yes he does call me honey, which I absolutely LOVE.

Daddy and Bella slept in today so it was just me and my Blake cuddling on the couch. It's nice to get little moments like that one on one with the kids. Its so rare so I really try and cherish those.

But once Bella woke up she was in a fantastic mood and laid with me for about 20 minutes and kept giving me kisses about every 2! Gosh I love her. She has such a loving heart but boy is she sassy!!!!

We are going to take the kids to Disneyland today, but I haven't told them yet cause they'd be so excited and ask to leave every 30 seconds.

But here are a couple cute pics of them being silly with me this morning.

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