Thursday, June 9, 2011

I miss him

Ok obviously I miss Dustin during the week for the simply fact that I don't get to see him or kiss him.

But I've discovered smaller things that I miss about him

I miss his smell.
His laughter
His loud breathing while he's sleeping
I miss him taking out the trash cans to the curb each Thursday night.
Him tucking at least one kid in to bed.
Cooking dinner occasionally
Lifting heavy things for me
Getting the groceries outta my car
Opening jars
Getting things down from the rafters
I miss him when I get all dressed up and he doesn't get to see me
When the kids make me laugh so hard I have tears and he isn't there to see it all
When the kids make me so angry I have tears and he isn't there to take over.
At night, when the kids go to bed and the nightly phone call is over. I miss him. I hate getting into our bed alone.

The weekends come and go to quickly and then comes the rest of the week to handly life alone. I'm so over this situation and pray he can work locally again SOON.

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