Saturday, April 2, 2011

Date Day

This past Friday we had date day with our babies!
I got to go to the movies with my lil man who stole my heart.

 Blake and  I went to see the movie HOP with his and Mommy's best friends. He was so excited to go and I was pretty excited too. This was Blake's first movie in the theaters. I was originally going to take both kids but daddy made it home from work early and we gave Bella the choice and of course she ran into Daddy's arms. So off Blake and I went....We stopped by Starbucks to get a treat. Blake from his seat saw the poster for the cake pops so he screams "mom Blake wants, pink ball. Blake LOVES balls! haha. As if he's had these before, he cracks me up. So yes I ordered him the pink one and mommy the rocky road one and I highly recommend these. YUM! We got to the theater and I got him a kids pack and he was so excited to sit in his own chair with his own popcorn and soda. He also brought Buzz lightyear on our date, which was adorable. He sat him right next to him and offered him popcorn but no soda!

Blake did fabulous in the movie. He only got out of his seat to stand for about the last 20-15 mins but even then he did great. We came home and ate lunch together and took some fun pics together.

I love being able to spend one on one time with my babies. I feel like their personality really just comes out and shines. Blake was talking up a storm to me and Buzz. He was so polite and well behaved. During the movie I just kept looking over at him. And he was so into the movie. He'd laugh and say things like "oh that's funny, silly bunny" He had a smile on his face the whole time even through all the popcorn shoved in there.

Daddy got to take his Princess Rosie out

Well to start their date, Daddy let Bella watch 3 back to back episode of her favorite show Bubble guppies. He left for work at 9pm the night before and got home around 1030am and had yet to sleep. So he put on her "Buppies" as she calls them and she sat right on top of him as he napped. He said when the episode would end she would gently say "Dada more Buppies"

After the shows they went to Chipotle for lunch and shared a burrito, then of course Daddy took her to ToysRus to let her pick out a toy. He said he was trying to steer clear of the doll aisle because she has so many baby dolls all ready but he said once she saw them she RAN and picked one up and hugged it and said "baby. baby baby baby baby...." haha So as you can see from the pics above his angel got her baby doll and she has taken her new Dora baby everywhere she goes!

Bella is the biggest Daddy's Girl and it just melts my heart. After all I'm a Daddy's girl too