Monday, February 28, 2011


Well once we finally made TO Disneyland it was pretty late in the day around 230pm I think. But we got right and Blake asked to ride the horses. (carousel) There were LOTS of people there so I was thinking every line was gonna take forever and we wouldn't get to ride very much. But the carousel only took maybe 5 mins and we got on. Blake and Bella love the carousel. When it ended Bella was holding on so tight I cause she didn't want to get off and kept saying "more more" I literally had to pry her off the horse! It was a cute moment and made a scene all at the same time.

From there we hit Casey Jrs. train which is another favorite of Blake's. And this line ALWAYS takes forever!!!! But they actually had to trains running so it took maybe 10 mins which is the fastest I've ever gotten on this silly ride. And Blake was excited cause we were first in line for the train so he got to pick anywhere he wanted to ride. He picked the caboose!

Then we hit up the rocket ships and Buzz! On Buzz Blake likes to spin our lil car more than shoot the gun. haha and Bella was just in a crazy trance the whole time.

After that Daddy got in line with Bella for Nemo, this was the longest line of the day. Just over 30 minutes! I took Blake and got in line on the Matterhorn. I love this ride and everyone I know hates it. Dustin refuses to ride it with me cause he says it just hurts. Anyways I saw that the height requirement is only 35" and Blake is about 38" now so I was excited to take him on it for his first time. The line was super short, but as we got closer and closer I got more and more nervous for him. What he hates it and starts to cry? Mom of the year right! Well he seemed super excited and we got on I snapped a picture during it and I think it says it all..
This was the highlight of my day! He didn't want to get off. When it ended he said "more big ride" I'm so excited he liked it and I have a Matterhorn buddy now!

Afterwards we met Daddy and Bella up in line at Nemo. Bella LOVED this silly ride. Although she started out and my lap and about leaped into Daddy's when it started, apparently daddy is better than mommy in the dark.

After Nemo, daddy was pretty done but I convinced him to do a couple more rides. So we got on the jungle cruise and Dumbo which Blake had been asking for all day but that line is always so long to. So all in all we rode 8 rides and were there just a lil over 4 hours. Not bad at all for a Sunday at Disneyland. The kids had a blast and it was so nice to have daddy there to help me with them.

Here are a couple more of my fav pics of the day!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Before Disneyland!

We decided last night to take the kids to Disneyland today! YAY! They have had some lingering coughs so they can't go into their classes at Church. But Daddy had to work in Sunday school so I stayed home with them this morning and we waited patiently.

Well about 30 minutes before I knew daddy would be getting home I told them we were gonna go to Disneyland and Blake got so excited and super hyper and anxious to go. I started to pack our bags and was sorting some laundry when Blake comes running up to me that his show "Dino Dan" (ugh, this show is so dumb) is broken. WHAT? I can still hear it playing so I'm confused I go into the living room to find our brand new $600 tv not playing any picture just sound.....? So I ask Blake what happened and he tells me "I broke it, I hit it with ball" and he hands me the ball. It's like a baby toy ball with like a rattle in it. Super light so I just thought maybe got turned off, I don't know! Anyways so he got a 2 minute time out for throwing balls at the tv and we went on waiting for daddy.
Well Daddy got home and I tell him like it's no big deal, boy was I wrong. He walks in and starts looking at the tv and well Blake cracked the screen of or less than 2 week old plasma 50" tv. My heart sank. Not only because that's ALOT of money down the drain but because we were supposed to have a fun family day and I feared it was ruined.

But Dustin was a champ, of course I could tell he was so frustrated but he loaded the kids up and off we went to Disneyland and had a great day. I'm praying some how or someway little boys throwing plastic balls is covered under warranty.

Let the blogging begin.

Well I was at Bible study last Wed. with the most fabulous, uplifting, encouraging women and one of them mentioned her blog and I said something like wow everyone blogs and she said something like you should do it! I think you'd be good at it. So here I am! Let the blogging begin.

So I was told blogging is basically online scrap booking. So I'd thought I'd tell you about my morning! Blake actually stayed in bed until 8am which for this week is a record! He did come into my room and ask me to "get up, honey? Watch bubble guppies? poptart?' This is pretty much what I hear every morning. And yes he does call me honey, which I absolutely LOVE.

Daddy and Bella slept in today so it was just me and my Blake cuddling on the couch. It's nice to get little moments like that one on one with the kids. Its so rare so I really try and cherish those.

But once Bella woke up she was in a fantastic mood and laid with me for about 20 minutes and kept giving me kisses about every 2! Gosh I love her. She has such a loving heart but boy is she sassy!!!!

We are going to take the kids to Disneyland today, but I haven't told them yet cause they'd be so excited and ask to leave every 30 seconds.

But here are a couple cute pics of them being silly with me this morning.