Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas Tree

We put our tree up yesterday! YAY!
 It makes me happy to see it up.
We have a small fake tree but it's our tree and I love it.
We let the kids decorate pretty much the whole thing themselves this year.
It's so cute and funny! 1 branch has about 7 ornaments on it thanks to Blake.

I got them little Santa hats at the 99 cent store to wear while they decorated and I think they looked adorable!

Each year we get the kids and ornament. I LOVE this tradition.
 Blake got a fire truck this year.

And Bella got a baby on a moon. She loves both of those things.

And plus when I was a baby got a very similar ornament. So now we both have one.

After we were done decorating I was talking to Blake about Santa.
If he knew who he was which he said DADDY!
And then we talked about his sleigh and reindeer and all that fun stuff.
A couple minutes later Blake goes
"MOM, you hear that?
It's Santa Claus!
We all start to laugh and then he goes
"I think it's not Santa, it's just a car"

Funny stuff!!!

Here is a couple more pics from yesterday's fun.

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