Monday, November 28, 2011

Say What?

Blake has been cracking me up lately with his spunky remarks.
The other day he wanted something (I can't recall what it was) but I said no.
Then Bella woke up from her nap so I went in to change her and she asked me if I was happy to which I replied "yes I'm happy are you happy?"
Bella: "Bella, HAPPY!"
Then Blake appears in the door and says
"I'M MAD!" and storms off!
This might not sound to funny but he showed up in that door way like a ninja and I just couldn't stop laughing.

The kids have had coughs forever! Going on 4 weeks now. The dr said it's just a virus but it's so annoying!
I got them ready for bed and was getting their medicine ready and they were going CRAZY!! So I say..
"Hold on I only have two hands!"
Blake then says:  "And two feet and ONE WEENIE!"
I laugh and say no girls don't have weenies and he says:
"That's right you have one butt"

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