Thursday, August 25, 2011

Embrace the camera with my FRIENDS

I have all sorts of friends. But one thing I know for sure is that I have the best group of friends a girl could ever dream of having.

Friends to go to "Prom" with 10 years later..

Friends that I know ALWAYS will have my back.

I have one amazing BEST FRIEND

Friends that just happen to be my sisters

Friends I share the same Birthday with

Friends I can sing "gleefully" with

A big sister friend

Talented Friend

Gorgeous friend

Say the same thing at the same time friends

A friend to make me laugh a lifetime with

A friend who is more than a friend but a soulmate

Twilight OBSESSED friends

Tree climbing in the rain friends

Friends to get silly with

Friends to go dancing with

Friends I kiss.....

Friends that make me SUPER happy

Friends that are more fun than words can describe.

I love you all! I am a better person because of each one of you!

I am embracing the camera today and you should too!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Quote of the week

Today while we had been enjoying my Aunts pool
Bella is done and wants to get dressed.
So I strip her down and pull out a diaper and she says.

"No, I gotta pee on the grass!"

So apparently I created a bad habit not only with Blake but with Bella as well.
You can't imagine how proud I am as a mom! (NOT)


Well if you know me
You probably know that my Birthday is kinda a big deal
Well at least it is to me!
Every year I normally start planning weeks ahead of time for a mutli event celebration.
And I normally have a Big bday list that I'll happy pass out to whomever requests it.

But this year just felt different. 
I didn't really feel like planning
no list, no wants
almost slightly depressed about it approaching and I wasn't sure why.

When the BIG day came I woke up feeling slightly ill.
And as the day went on I felt like I was gonna D I E!
Not a very happy birthday besides my mom and husbands greatest efforts it was just a bust.

After that day I was pretty depressed that my day that comes once a year pretty much stunk
I couldnt' get over it or myself.
Then I saw I think my sister post something about when you feel down about 1 thing think of 2 you are thankful for.
So then I thought....
Why not 28!
Since I turned 28 why not think of the 28 fabulous things I am thankful here I go

  1.  My God, my savior.
2. My husband

3. Blake

4. Bella

5. My church Oasis

6. My family

7. My best friend Leah

8. My workout buddy Sarah

9. My moms group (we are awesome)

10. My spiritual gift (admin)

11. Being a stay at home mom

12. Our Home

14. Twilight

15. Wine

16. Bubble baths

17. Chocolate

18. Health  (mine and my fams)

19. My kids wonderful grandparents!


21. Girls nights

22. The Bible

23. My Gym membership


24. My kids friendships

25. Awana's (even though Blake hasn't started yet. I'm super excited about it!)

26. Cousins

27. Coffee

And I must say after that list I feel much better about my life and all my blessings!

I'm linking up today with capturingmotherhood to show I'm not perfect or do I claim to be