Friday, September 30, 2011


Link up your sweet, silly and everyday moments using nothing but cell phone pics!

We got the kids Halloween costumes this week!

Minnie Mouse

Super Why

The kids got their first pony rides! I sadly missed most of the party cause I had to go to work. But I'm thankful for family who watched them so they could have fun!

For Awana's Blake heard a story about how God created everything and was asked to draw someone God created. He drew Daddy.

Blake helping me peel the paper off broken crayons, so we can melt them down into rainbow Minnie crayons for Bella's party

Yes Blake lives in his Super why costume. I have to sneak it into the washer every once in awhile.
So he wore it to the park and it was hilarious because all the kids were just following him around. Even this lil 1 year old just kept trying to touch his cape and just kept saying "super why" over and over and over! He was so excited! It was like that lil boys Christmas. hahah

Bella is getting so brave. She wants to do whatever Blake does but then she'll turn look at me and say
"I'm scared! Help me"
It's so sweet. That's exactly what she just said in this pic.

This weeks challenge was to take a pic of DIY project so here our my home made Mickey and Minnie party hats.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Quote of the week

I've been saving this one for awhile and just trying to find the time and motivation to blog. But I finally made the time to sit down and blog this cute quote before I forget about it.

So for Halloween Blake wanted to be Super Why.

I told him we would buy it for him soon. But in the meantime he could use his silky like a cape.

So I tied it on him and he was super excited. I told him there you're just like Super Why!
He asked:
I can fly now?
I said Yeah! Thinking he knew pretend.
He took off running and leaped into the air arms out!!!!
He landed right on his tummy about an inch away from smacking his head into the wall.
He stood up, gave me a dirty look at said....
"I can't fly!"

Well we finally did get his costume on Friday and he has worn it pretty much nonstop since.

Friday, September 23, 2011


Share your simple, sweet moments from the week using nothing but cell phone pictures.
It doesn’t have to be Instagram (which requires an iPhone), any cell phone pics will do!
Friday night we had our monthly Bunco night. The theme was socks! So I rocked my knee highs!

While mama was at Bunco daddy took the kids to toysrus and let them pick a toy. Bella of course picks another baby doll. She calls this one pink baby. And she hugs on her all day!

Sunday our niece Ashley had a dance party! My sister always puts together the greatest goodie bags for the kids. Always filled with lots of chocolate and one annoying toy. hahah!

Isn't it officially fall? Well not if you live in So Cal. It's still in the upper 90's here. So the slip n slide still gets plenty of use each day.

Well I think Blake is getting to the age were naps aren't gonna happen daily. Which then often keeps Bella awake too. Unless of course I have to go somewhere and they take a trip in the car. Then they both knock out!


AWANA's is every Wed. I finally got Blake his Cubbies vest. I was super excited about it. Cause it's ADORABLE. Well Blake wasn't excited about it. In fact it took a gum bribe to get him to put it on. But in the end I won right?

My BFF and I went to a bridal shower! We ate, drank, and got all dolled up. Good times!

Thermal batman shirt, and Capt. America in 90 degree weather running laps around Gramma's backyard! Sounds fun right. Well they loved it! Then went in the house and stripped off their shirts

This week’s InstaChallenge: What is something you really dislike?
I hate it.
It never ends
I can never be caught up
Always a hamper or basket full
Never enough hangers
Ugh I loath it.

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Monday, September 12, 2011

Suprise date night

Mr. Bubeck surprised me Sat night with a date.
We had talked earlier in the day about going to the cheesecake factory cause I had a gift card.
And then to stop by his parents house to catch up.
Well after a very long day I was beat and suggested ordering pizza and he kind of pushed going out.
I have to admit I was annoyed! I just wanted to stay in. I was being a brat!
But he was being sweet as could be.
While we were on our way I asked if his parents were meeting us there or if we were just gonna hang out with them after. He told me after.
Then we got off the freeway at their exit I was confused.
I said I thought it was after? And then he told me how he arranged for them to watch the kids so we could enjoy dinner alone.
Ahhhhh (sigh of relief) just what I need some alone quiet time with my love.
Then I was like shoot the kids didn't eat and he told me Grandma already has their dinner ready.
My kids are so blessed to have such great grandparents on both sides.
And sure enough we pulled up and Grandma was all ready for them with Mac n cheese, broccoli, strawberries and bananas. And of course JUICE! My kids were overjoyed and so was I.

We headed out on our date.
There was about a 30 min wait at the restaurant but it was kind of nice to just be able to talk and relax without chasing kids all around. We hugged, we kissed, we cuddled, it was so nice.
Dinner was delish! Our convo flowed. It reminded me of old times. Fun times.
I love my Mr. Bubeck he puts up with my brattiness and still spoils me with love.


In a FUNK?
Yes I am.
Why? You ask
I am not sure.
The things I normally feel like doing I just don't want to.
My's been short
My attitude....has been lazy
I hate feeling like this.
I am annoying myself with my own mood.
But I haven't been able to crawl out of this irritated mood.
I need to though,
It's affecting all aspects of my life
My friendships,
my kids
my spouse
This mood started right about the begging of August and hasn't let up. I can't pinpoint an exact day or event that caused this but it hasn't really gonna way.
I stopped blogging
stopped working out
starting eating lots of chocolate
caffeine intake is off the charts
hormones/emotions are raging
I don't get it
I don't understand it
But I  do know that I am
and am gonna take an active roll in changing my mood
By starting to do the things I know I love.
Coupon shop
spend more time with my friends
take my kids outta the house to have fun
I am gonna get out of this FUNK and BE HAPPY